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Mila Kostic was born in Serbia in 1965. After spending ten years establishing herself as an artist in Belgrade, she immigrated to Vancouver in 1996 with her family.

Mila is known predominantly for her large-scale abstract oil paintings on canvas. Her work revolves around the experimentation with lines and colour; but most importantly the processes of creating a painting. As her canvas evolves, each step promises revelation or a small reflection of her concept on the diversity of the world.

During the last twenty years of her career, Mila created a series entitled “Writings on the Wall”. For as long as she known, she has carried an interested in the cracks of walls, surface textures, lines, and street art (i.e. graffiti). She integrates these fascist of her interest in combination with lyrical prose.

Presently, she works on her series entitled Fragments, which is inspired by everyday life. Fragments is a comprised of private, social and political events in which some may be found to be significant, life-changing, or even hard to shake; leaving a deep impression.

Consciously and subconsciously, Mila believes we are given inspiration from these events and channel them into work and our social life.